Belgian jihadists in Syria

“More Lee Rigby-style murders and renewed 7/7-style bomb attacks on the streets of Europe! That will be the result of British Prime Minister David Cameron´s plan to arm the rebel Free Syrian Army”

And dramatic new evidence has just emerged to support Nick Griffin MEP´s warning about the danger of Afghanistan-style ´blowback´ from the operation – already secretly underway in Jordan – to use British troops to train the Islamist rebels trying to overthrow President Assad.
The latest information about EU-based Islamic terrorists fighting in Syria came out this week in the report “Belgium/Syria – Jihadists“, with the news that a possible Belgian resident has had a warrant put out for his arrest for his part in a recruiting network responsible for training at least 50 terrorists, including a minor, which has links to Belgium and the Netherlands.
Produced by the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC), the detailed report explains that at least 5 youngsters have already left Belgium for Syria in the last few weeks alone, having been recruited by Shara4Belgium. This brings the known total of exported-from-Belgium jihadists to some 200 – most of them of North-African origin.
It is reported that several prominent Belgian-based radical islamists have already joined Syrian jihadist camps and some of them have already been killed in the fighting with governmental troops. On June 17 four young Belgian citizens wanting to join the rebels fighting the
Assad’s regime were arrested by Turkish police on the border with Syria and were sent back to Belgium.
Although not confirmed by the authorities, on April 10th, in an interview to Belgian weekly Knack, Belgian imam Brahim Laytouss claimed that according to “direct sources”, at least 12 young Belgian jihadists have been killed in Syria while fighting against al Assad regime.
The longer Western aid helps the now failing rebellion to keep going,” warns Mr. Griffin, “the more civilians will be killed in the crossfire and by rebels massacring Christians, Shia and moderate Sunnis who support Assad. And the more muddle-headed young Muslims from countries like Belgium and Britain will go to join the rebellion and be trained in beheading Unbelievers and fighting guerilla war.
“Whether the rebels win or lose, or whether the civil war settles down into stalemate, sooner or later the hundreds already there from Western Europe will come back ´home´. Each one will then be a hero to other young men in their community. Each one the nucleus of a terror cell just waiting to explode in senseless savagery on our streets.
“Another Woolwich. Another Glasgow Airport bombing. Another 7/7. Or even something worse,” warns the AEMN Vice-President. “This will be the inevitable result of David Cameron´s crazy and criminal use of the British Army to aid the rebels, because there are no ´moderate´ ones. You only have to listen to the moronic Allah u Akbar war-cries on every single news report showing rebel fighters in Syria to know that Cameron is lying about helping ´moderates´just as much as when he talks about chemical weapons – aka WMDs.
“We should bring our troops out of Jordan tomorrow, out of Afghanistan next week, and stop even thinking about meddling in Syria for good.”