AEMN – new president from Hungary

The Alliance of European National Movements (AEMN) elected its new president in Brussels on the 17-th of December 2013, for the next 2 years. MEP Béla Kovács, the former treasurer of the Alliance (Jobbik – Hungary) will lead the Euro-sceptic political parties in the campaign of the EP-elections, next year. 

The representatives of Hungarian, British, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Belgian and Slovenian national parties elected unanimously MEP Kovács for president of the AEMN.  As MEP Kovács Béla underlined in the interview to the N1TV, the alliance of national political powers was never so strong as now. However, certain change and modernization is needed in the leadership of the organization.

“There are more national movements that already expressed their intention to cooperate with us. We have to decide in the near future about the enlargement of the alliance. But this is a really democratic organization, so I will set the direction, but the decisions have to be made by the Board.”