Proof of ‘Climate Change’ – it’s Getting Colder!

By Austen Davies-The David Attenborough “Frozen Planet” series has been repeated over the last few weeks on TV; 6 of the 7 episodes are absolutely excellent, flipping quite literally from Pole to Pole to examine the changing seasons and how the hardy residents of our planet’s extremes cope with them.

The 7th episode, however is a tired regurgitation of the ‘Global Warming’ scam Western governments use as a excuse to tax the luxuries of life we once enjoyed – heating; automotive fuel. That sort of thing.

It was really quite embarrassing to hear a one-time dignified and respected naturalist (“no” not ‘naturist’; mercifully he kept his kit on!) reciting what was obviously scripted, and the official BBC ‘line’. What a contrast to the splendid David Bellamy who refused to accept being force-fed tripe – and had his career terminated as a consequence. That’s the price of principles in our corrupt, propaganda-dominated country, I’m afraid.

There has been a distinct shortage of climate related ‘bull-doo-doos’ recently, and Dave and the boy George have been forced to back-off the fossil taxes for all the right reasons – or perhaps it’s a desperate attempt to hang on to their jobs? You decide.

But we still get the odd bit of ‘bull’ to ‘top-up’ of course – because one never knows when one might want to wheel the fertilizer out again, does one? So an item in the press showing ‘freeze-frame’ (great, isn’t it?) photographs of Alaska that demonstrate how snow, ice and glaciers that were there 200 years ago have all vanished due to climate change.

I tagged it and sent it to my son-in-law who is currently driving a large truck across Alaska and asked him what he thought; I subsequently had to chastise him for using such expletives on ‘facebook’! Suffice it to say he has a slightly different view right now – and it’s a very, VERY white one and, apparently, a tad nippy!

The reality of the situation is that Arctic sea ice has INCREASED by 50% in just one year and is already 30cm thicker than it was last year – and it ain’t January yet!

The CryoSat-2 satellite was launched in 2010 and is specifically designed to measure sea-ice thickness across the entire Arctic Ocean; for the first time scientists can monitor the overall change in volume accurately. It shows that the volume of ice does not vary anything like as much as vested-interests would have us believe; wind and sea conditions make ice plates break up, and it looks like the ice is shrinking, but the increased thickness of what remains proves it hasn’t actually melted – just redistributed itself. Which means that East Anglia probably won’t float off into the North Sea for a while yet.

The Earth’s climate has been changing for 8.5 billion years or thereabouts – but it’s only recently been identified as a profit source.

Poor old Greenpeace – they may never recover from this.

The British National Party has known all along that the British people are blatantly and persistently lied to by successive governments, as they attempt to justify the unjustifiable taxes that prop up their unjustifiable regime.

The British National Party will never be afraid to tell the truth – regardless of how ‘inconvenient’ it is.