A Tale Of Two Countries

By Tony Dean-French President François Hollande is only a year and a half into his five-year term, and already he has become the most despised president of France.

He’s presiding over an economy that is sinking deeper into a quagmire even as other Eurozone countries are digging their way out. He has raised taxes and fees to confiscatory levels on everything and everyone that moves, has stopped moving, or never moved.

Corporate operating profit margins are among the lowest in Europe, depriving French companies of any incentives to invest in France.

A similar situation in Britain with the most hated prime minister ever, David Cameron, who presides over a bankrupt economy where the unemployed and the disabled have to bail out the ‘elite’ in the government and will have to continue doing so for ten years or more if he ever got re-elected.

We know reasonably well he won’t be in politics after the next general election anyway, so we do not have to worry about him ruining the country further for the benefit of the ‘big end’ of town and the banks.

The big worry is the voters of Britain who seem to have become apathetic to the politics of the country and usually don’t vote in numbers any more, only about 57% voted in the last election leaving a lot of disenfranchised voters sat on their hands at home refusing to vote at all.

It is the fault of the two main parties and their arrogance towards the ‘grass root’ voters of the country and do not listen to the voters or allow a referendum on the EU so the people decide what is best for their country, they have to live with the consequences of the decisions of the ‘elite’ in parliament and the voters are sick and tired of it.

They want a ‘grass roots’ party who has the country and it’s people as number one priority, not treated like second class citizens.