AEMN member Jobbik above 20% in Hungary

The national-radical party gained 20,54% with its positive campaign. Jobbik is aiming to be the real alternative of the governing party Fidesz.

The 2014 Hungarian parliamentary election took place on 6 April 2014. The result was a victory for Fidesz, with Viktor Orbán remaining Prime Minister. It was the first election according to the new Constitution of Hungary which went into force on 1 January 2012. The new electoral law also entered into force that day. For the first time since Hungary’s transition to democracy, the election had a single round. The voters elected 199 MPs instead of previous 386 lawmakers.

The AEMN member party Jobbik did not participate in the dirty campaign battle between the Leftist and Rightist parties. Instead, Jobbik focused on the real issues the voters were interested and was the only political power that published a detailed political-practical program.

The result was the highest ever percentage in any election for Jobbik and the president of the party, Gábor Vona set the new goal for the European Parliamentary election: to secure the 2-nd place of Jobbik in the Hungarian politics.