More Euroscepticism in the EP from 2014

The member and allied parties and of AEMN participated in the EP elections with different results. However, the main point is that the Alliance can continue its job to build a stronghold for the political idea of “Europe of free nations”.

The leading power of AEMN, Jobbik (Hungary) won 3 seats out of 21, with a result of 14,67%. The number of seat did not change, the newly elected MEPs are, Mr Béla Kovács (president of AEMN), Ms. Krisztina Morvai and Mr. Zoltán Balczó. The nationalist party secured its second place in the Hungarian politics and defeated again the Socialists.

The British National Party (BNP) reached 1,09% of the votes and unfortunately could not won seat. The reelection campaign of AEMN vice-president Nick Griffin could not gain enough support as many of the Euroscpetic voters have chosen UKIP.

The Slovenian National Party (SNS) gained 4,03% – 1,18% more than in 2009 – but due to the size of the country, this result was not enough to won one of the 8 seats in total. The leading candidate, Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti is member of the Board of AEMN.

In general, the Eurosceptic and Eurocritical parties have seized ground in elections to the European parliament, in what France’s PM called a “political earthquake”. The outcome means a greater say for those who want to cut back the EU’s powers, or abolish it completely. This means the start of a new era in the politics of the EU.

2014 EP election results