Summer academy – EMI camp – Transylvania

The AEMN sets the EMI summer camp as a positive example, collects experience and seeks for the possible ways of cooperation in the future.

EMI (Erdélyi Magyar Ifjak – Hungarian Youth of Transylvania) organizes its „summer camps” since 2005, in order to provide the traditionalist Hungarian youth organizations in the Carpathian Basin with  new opportunities to receive education on traditional values, to get trained for responsible social participation, to strengthen local identity, to build connections and friendship, and not at least to have a lot of fun at the same place.

In 2014, there was the 10-th anniversary of the event that took placed in Borzont, Transylvania (Romania) between 5-10, August 2014, with an estimated total number of visitors of 15 thousand.

Having many common in goals and concepts, the affiliated foundation of AEMN, ITE observed the event in 2013 in order to find ways of cooperation. In 2014, the observer of AEMN was invited again to develop working relationship with the EMI organizers and to discuss the possibilities of international promotion and participation of the event in the future as:

  • invite youth organizations and young people to the EMI summer camp
  • create programs (seminar, workshop, debates) in English (or other language)
  • promote international exchange of similar organizations and events
  • search for possibilities of joint activities

For more information visit the EMI homepage: