Partner meeting – Hungary

AEMN met its members, party members in Hungary to evaluate the cooperation and set out the strategies for the future. Partner meeting Budapest.

Cooperation and independence

The Alliance of European National Movements have party members from the EU member states, besides its individual membership system. The European level party is independent in terms of political views, organizational structure, although cooperation and exchange of views is regular with its member organizations.

AEMN was founded in Budapest, Jobbik is its strongest member party, with 2 active MEP-s in the Alliance. Based on the experience, and the opinion of the partners participated in the activities of AEMN during the years the evaluation of the results and the set out of the new strategy is continuous.

AEMN invited their Hungarian members – individual and party representatives – to discuss the results of the last parliamentary term and set out strategy outlines for the new parliamentary term began 2014 July.

During the session of 29-30, November, the Hungarian partners not only celebrated the 5 years cooperation between AEMN and the local member party Jobbik but the representatives of the party, organizers and participants in former joint projects met to evaluate the results of cooperation during the sessions.

Furthermore, the participants set out a well established, pragmatic outlines for the future, and worked out ideas for projects of international scale were discussed as well: Hungary-Slovenia, Hungary-Romania and Hungary-Slovakia. In the future more national parties (Slovenia, Belgium, Poland) and other political, civic organizations shall be involved at less influence to provide a more balanced and independent operation for AEMN.