Make EU and Int’l issues interesting

Do the local nationalist, traditionalist politician, activist and voters not care about international or EU-related issues? Make it interesting for them. Training in Budapest.

How to defeat disinterest?

The traditionalist, nationalist and EU-critical political parties, their supporters and voters are less ready to address international and EU-related issues in local, national political activities.  Same time, their level of knowledge and their source of information about these issues are frequently inadequate as well.

Finding solutions

Activists of local political and community life participated in a training combined of lectures and practical workshop about how to collect news from International and EU-related issues, and how to relate them to the daily life of the rural areas, their local communities.

On  5-6 December, 22 participants from Hungary, on 12-13 December, 17 participants from Hungary, Romania and Slovakia took part in training to find solutions, exchange views.

Theory and practice

Lecturers from the fields of media, IT-communication and International affairs gave separate lectures of their expertise followed by workshop type discussions of the participants in smaller groups, how to implement the issue transformation.

With the consultative help of the trainer, the groups presented the whole process picking up actual International political, social and economic issues.

The workshop type training system was popular among the participants and helped them to improve the independent thinking, data and information evaluation.