AEMN president visits Slovenia and Croatia

AEMN aims to strengthen the relations in the Middle-European region based on common values and traditions.

President MEP Béla Kovács (Hungary) paid visits to Slovenia and the newest EU-member state Croatia on 13-15 of May with his staff. The goal of the meetings with the local traditionalist-nationalist politicians was to exchange views and search for possibilities of cooperation based on the similar cultural heritage, traditions and recent issues to solve in the Middle European region.

AEMN, as an European level political party forms a forum to discuss and act together for the common goals and enhance international cooperation. The party has already a long-term working relation with the Slovenian National Party (SNS) and plans to use the experiences to widen its alliance.

President Kovács had official meeting with the president of the Slovenian National Party, Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti on the 14-th and he participated the official press conference of President Jelinčič on the occasion of his newest book presentation in Ljubljana.

President Kovács and Jelinčič emphasized the results of the cooperation between AEMN and the national parties and pointed out the need for more intense direct ties between the traditionalist-nationalist parties of the region.