Expo Milano 2015 – Nationalism and the East

The “New age” of nationalism is about to begin in which the Europeans need worldwide insights, relations and model cases to conclude the directions of the development.

Relearning the value based thinking

Europe and the Western civilization is facing tremendous challenges to decide about its future. Demographic catastrophe, uncontrolled mass-migration, economic regression, valueless social model and decreasing creativity with unrealistic views of the segregated political-economic elites.

Within these circumstances, the European nations, national and regional communities have not too much time left reestablish their vitality, capability to recreate their cultural and human resources. To recover the identity, traditions and cultural resources, the nations of Europe need to find working models – among others in the East, including China.

AEMN is using its strong Italian presence this year, to boost its international relations with the far East, especially with China. Series of events ad steady representation in Expo Milano 2015 will provide the Alliance with new connections, insights and ideas.


Cover picture: Secretary General Valerio Cignetti meets Massimiliano Panero, country manager and responsible for the Expo events on the site