Japan – Nationalist seek partners

AEMN is building world-wide network to enhance its political relations, gather expertises and learn from others. Partnership in the Far-East: Issuikai from Japan

AEMN has already 6 years long working relations with the nationalist movement in Japan, the Issuikai. The representatives of AEMN member organizations, other nationalist parties visited already Japan in August of 2010 and since then the political and personal relations with Issuikai. The president Mr. Mitsuhiro Kimura also visited Europe, participated in the 2012 Congress of AEMN in Hédervár, Hungary.

The Japanese relations are reinforced by personal ties of AEMN members, as the former president, Mr. Bruno Gollnisch and the recent president, Mr. Béla Kovács both studied and lived in Japan previously, both have deep knowledge about Japan, its culture and language.

In July of 2015, associate partner and administration chief, Mr. László Sípos visited Tokyo, to continue the planning of cooperation and prepare common political, cultural projects between the two parties. The Japan-related activities will be implemented beginning from the first semester of the working year of 2016.