Participation at Milano Expo

The most important event of the year 2015 all over the world, was certainly the Universal Exposition, EXPO MILAN 2015.

The previous one was in Shanghai in 2010 and the next one will take place in Dubai in 2020. So a “unique in a life” opportunity to find it in Europe so to have a so good opportunity for the AENM to be present and to be part of this huge and global event.

For this reason, and studying the connections between Italian and European nationalisms and the Chinese ones, especially during the 20th Century, is born the project that took AENM in direct connection with the CCUP Chinese pavilion, so also to present unpublished documents and photographs that talk about this important and unknown story.

The idea was to show – to all the world in EXPO – how so far and different nationalism and cultures can cooperate together, so to give more strength to a world of Motherlands, connected with the modern systems of the globalization, but not uniformed in the single thought of globalism.

Max Panero