Conference and workshop on Migration Crisis in Europe

Successful event took place November 14, 2015 In Gembloux, Belgium on the topic most citizens of Europe is interested today. Professional and sincere discussion without taboos is inevitable.

The hot issue already has become the main topic of the politics, economics and daily life. The question is how the barriers of the so called political correctness can be removed to start objective analysis and real solutions?

The migration crisis deepened in 2015 and further escalation is expected in 2016. As one of the main political issues in Europe, AEMN seeks solutions that have to be based on free and wide discussions of the stakeholders, including experts, politicians and representatives of civic groups, social partners.

According to the AEMN working program, and strategic visions, the Board decided to organize an expert-politician-civilian conference (and mini-workshop) to screen the actual realities towards the migration crisis.

Data of the event:

Number of speakers: 5
Number of workshop: 1
Number of participants: 27

he event fulfilled the expectations for AEMN, both for professional experiment and political activity as a European-level party. AEMN is waiting for final feedbacks from the participants and partners and will consider to continue the discussions in the working year of 2016 as well.