Conference and workshop on demographic challenges

December 5, 2015 the first conference and workshop on the topic was held in Charleroi, Belgium. The solution is far but the discussion already began.

The migration crisis highlighted another risk for the European future, the catastrophic demographic situation. The challenges of the decreasing population, aging society and the immigration are on the political agenda in all countries of Europe.

AEMN decided to start free discussions with the stakeholders, including experts, politicians and representatives of civic groups, social partners. According to the AEMN working program, and strategic visions, the Board decided to held an expert-politician-civilian conference (and mini-workshop) to screen the actual realities towards the demographic challenges in order to be able to give political vision to its voters and supporters.

Details of the event:

  • Number of keynote speakers: 2
  • Number of sections: 3
  • Number of participants: 21

The event fulfilled the expectations for AEMN, both for professional experiment and for political activity as a European-level party. Based on the many positive feedback, the party considers to continue the project in 2016.