General Assembly

The AEMN held its annual General Assembly on 31st of January, 2017.

For the invitation of President Béla Kovács and the Board, the members of the General Assembly of Alliance European National Movements (AEMN) gathered in Brussels on 31st of January.

In the meeting, the Board submitted the annual report of activities, organizational and financial matters of the working year of 2016 to the Assembly and draw picture about the strategy, plans of activity for the working year of 2017.

The Assembly discussed about the latest political and strategical issues the Alliance is concerned and finalized the working procedure towards the institutionalization of the European-level party during the year of 2017.

The Assembly reinforced the political and strategical development of AEMN. The Alliance will continue its work as a free organization of individual politicians sharing the values of AEMN and willing to contribute to the idea of “Europe of free nations”.

The Alliance was successful in 2016 to widen the scope of activities, to strengthen its political ties and connections and aims to involve more and more members from the member states of the EU in 2017.