Dialogue between politics and industries

​The first dialogue between the stake holders of gamble-industry and political decision makers.

Gamble-industry – Budapest

On 29th of Juna, representatives of gamble-industry met political decision makers in Budapest. During the sessions, the actual economic, social environment have been described in four lecture. The central european examples revealed the different stages of the implementation the laws related to gamble industry. Romanian, Slovakian, Austrian, Serbian solution show best practice examples to be followed. The socio-cultural effect of gambling was also discussed focusing on paralel problems like issues of alcohol, drugs, whereas the gambling can be regulated in diffierent way. The development of Hungarian gamble related laws between 1998-2017 reveals serious structural problems between the state and private sectors, and the overlapping interest among “players” of this industry, including the casino management and owner relations.

The value of European best practices has to be transformed into the economy and legislation system of former socialist countries – agreed on by the participants.

This first dialogue is part of experimental dialogue workshop series between the stake holders of an industry (employers, employees, authorities, professionals, R+D, etc) and the political decision makers that tries to set up a new, effcient method of communication, articulation of interest and common preparation of the decisions.