Congress and General Assembly in Slovenia

AEMN held its Congress on the 3-rd of August and its General Assembly on the 4-th August in Sezana, Slovenia.

Towards the registration

The system of political parties at European level are gradually changing as the European Parliament and the European Council is proceeding with the institutionalization of these political parties. The goal is to integrate the European political parties into the EP’s structure and to provide them with the possibilities to act as constitutional political players at European level – maybe as early as the European elections in 2019.

This process includes the registration procedure of the existing and the new European political parties that need some basic changes in their statutes, internal and operational rules. Accordingly, the Board of AEMN called its members for a Congress to discuss and decide about the required changes and instruct the General Assembly to implement the modifications accordingly.

Congress and General Assembly

On the 3-rd of August at the border city of Sezana – Slovenia at the Italian border – AEMN held its Congress, the following day its General Assembly. The Board of AEMN – President Béla Kovács, Secretary General Valerio Cignetti and Treasurer Zmago Jelincic – hosted the events that successfully accomplished all the planned tasks.

AEMN with its updated Statutes, Internal rules, newly accepted members is ready to start its official registration as European political party.

Discussions and partner meetings

During the 2 days session, members of the Board, the management and operations, supporters concluded several partner meetings regarding to the enlargement of the Alliance, as well as to the planning procedure of projects in the working year of 2017.