Etnofutur II – Estonia, Tallin

Tallin - Independence march 2018

AEMN was represented in the nationalist-traditionalist conference and the 100 years anniversary independence march.

Tradition, nationalism and independence

According to the political program of AEMN, the widening of the Alliance is a prior issue, especially due to the changing environment for recognition of European political parties.

Accepting the invitation form the organizers of Etnofutur II., the Director of AEMN was appointed to represent the party, to participate in the program and to build new connections in the Scandinavia – Baltics – Central European region among the participants.

​In the conference on the European ethnic future – 23 of February 2018, Tallin – approximately 50 representatives of nationalist-traditionalist political organisations, guest speakers and lecturers participated from Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, UK, USA and other countries as well.

The lectures ranged from philosophy, political projects to practical issues related to the ethnic-nationalist-traditionalist political views, relevant to the 21-st century. During and after the conference, fruitful professional and political discussions took place, including the possibilities of enhanced cooperation between nationalist parties, youth organisations in the regions and Europe.

On the 24-th of February, many of the participants joined the 100 years anniversary independence torch march – the largest in the history of the march – through the old city of Tallin.

AEMN is looking forward to the network widening, the cooperation with the nationalist-traditionalist political organisations in the region.

AEMN – Tallin 2018