AEMN Conference in Hungary – Hédervár 2012

The Alliance of European National Movements (Alliance européenne des mouvements nationaux – AEMN) was formed on the 24th October 2009, with founding members including Jobbik (the Movement for a Better Hungary), the French Front Nationale, Italy’s Fiamma Tricolore, Sweden’s National Democrats and Belgium’s National Front. The President of the AENM is Mr Bruno Gollnisch, with Vice President Nick Griffin, Secretary General Valerio Cignetti and Treasurer Bela Kovacs.

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Alliance of European National Movements

The European level political party „Alliance of European National Movements” was formed in Budapest, Hungary on the 24-th of October 2009, by a number of nationalist parties and national movements from various countries in Europe. Since then, AEMN dedicates its political activities to protect and nurture the diversity of autochthonous cultures, traditions and languages in a Europe of free, independent and equal nations, in the framework of a confederation of sovereign nation states.