Since 2014, the European level political party AEMN have a new logo in use. The layout has been improved in 2016.

Although the design concept is very easy to understand, we provide a short explanation as well.

The European level political party AEMN believe in the idea of “Europe of free nations”, in the preservation and the continuous improvement of the rich and diverse traditions, identities of autochthonous nations and national communities in Europe. The same time, AEMN refuses all attempts to dissolve these traditions and identities into an uniformed and colorless mass of the concept of European United States.

AEMN logo


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AEMN logo with text


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AEMN banner with logo and short name


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AEMN banner with logo and long name – National versions


Download national versions:
English/French version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Hungarian version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Lithuanian version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Slovenian version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Italian version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Dutch version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Polish version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Greek version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
German version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF
Bulgarian version: PDFJPG • with crop marks PDF

AEMN banner with logo and long name – Outline national versions


Download national versions:
English/French outline version: PDFJPG
Hungarian outline version: PDFJPG
Lithuanian outline version: PDFJPG
Slovenian outline version: PDFJPG
Italian outline version: PDFJPG
Dutch outline version: PDFJPG
Polish outline version: PDFJPG
Greek outline version: PDFJPG
German outline version: PDFJPG
Bulgarian outline version: PDFJPG

AEMN vertical banner with logo
and long national names


Download: PDF

Names in different languages:

  • EN: Alliance of European National Movements
  • FR: Alliance Européenne des Mouvements Nationaux
  • HU: Európai Nemzeti Mozgalmak Szövetsége
  • LT: Europos Nacionalinių Judėjimų Aljansas
  • SLO: Zveza Evropskih Nacionalnih Gibanj
  • IT: Alleanza Europea dei Movimenti Nazionalisti
  • NL: Alliantie van Europese Nationale Bewegingen
  • PL: Europejskie Przymierze Ruchów Narodowych
  • GR: Συμμαχία Ευρωπαϊκών Εθνικών Κινημάτων
  • DE: Allianz der Europäischen Nationalen Bewegungen
  • BG: Алианс на Европейските Национални Движения
  • ES: Alianza de Movimientos Nacionales Europeos
  • CA: Aliança dels Moviments Nacionals Europeus